In 1986, an advertising company named Adgroup was incorporated with a bus advertising division; Adbus. Decker Media, an established advertising company, was acquired by Adbus in 2004 but Adbus went on to sell their bus advertising division in 2006 to U.S media owner Titan Outdoor. This resulted in the formation of Titan Bus.

In 2010, Lisa Ratcliffe, Adverta’s Managing Director (then Finance Manager of Titan Bus) and the late Roger Fernley (then Managing Director of Titan Bus) instigated what was to become a successful management buyout. The company became Ratcliffe Fernley Media Ltd and the company was given a complete overhaul and re-structure.

Adverta is the trading name of Ratcliffe Fernley Media Ltd, supplying bus and tram advertising and growing from strength to strength in the ever-changing media market.

First Bus Invented

The first bus was invented by Blaise Pascal in Paris. This was a carriage that was horse drawn.

The First Bus Service Ceased

In 1677, the first bus service stopped operating due to an increase in ticket prices which meant only high society could use this service.

Buses Began to Run Again

Following the bus service being suspended due to ticket prices, they were re-started in France, then New York and eventually London.

The First School Bus Invented

Newington Academy for Girls had use of the first school bus, which was invented by George Shillibear.

First British Bus

In 1829, the first bus was used in Britain.

First Steam Powered Bus

The first steam powered bus was made in 1830, shortly followed by the electric trolley bus.

First Double Decker Bus

The first double decker bus was manufactured and typically drawn by three horses. The upper deck did not have a roof which meant it was half the price of the lower deck. These early double deckers had advertising on the side.

First Buses Powered by Internal Combustion

These buses were developed using internal combustion engines for the first time in history.

First Motorised Double Decker

The first double decker bus with a motor was made in Germany and could reach a top speed of 12mph.

Coloured Buses

London buses became painted in different colours to signify their routes. The first colour used was Pantone 485c.

Route 24

The oldest un-changed route began running from Hampstead Heath to Pimlico and was on route 24.

First Mass-Produced Bus Model

The B type double decker, designed by Frank Searle, was the first mass-produced bus. This bus was operated by the London General Omnibus Company.

Last Horse Drawn Bus

London General Omnibus Company used the horse drawn bus for the last time in 1911, although they were still used independently until 1914.

Glass Windows

School buses began to replace the windows with glass as opposed to cloth curtains.

The History of Bus Advertising

This image shows that bus advertising goes back as far as the 1920s!

Protection From the Weather

Staircases and drivers' cabs were covered to protect them from bad weather.

Female Drivers

in 1939, female drivers took over from male operators who had volunteered in the war.

Miss Phyllis Thompson

Miss Thompson became the first woman licenced to drive a double deck vehicle in England. She drove for the bus company Messrs. Felix Motors Ltd, then at Hatfield near Doncaster

Air Suspension

was first used on buses in 1953.

Diesel Engines

These began to be placed in the back of buses in order to make it easier for people to climb in at the front.

World's Longest Guided Bus.

The O-Bahn, in Australia was opened in 1989.

Phantom Double Decker

1990 brought the last spotting of the phantom double decker in London. The phantom bus is said to have claimed the lives of some; in 1934 a car burst into flames in the exact spot the bus was regularly sighted.

Tina Hinchley

Tina forms part of the senior management team here at Adverta. She joined in 1998 as part of the office team and, having worked her way up through the company, is now Sales Manager.

South Lancs Travel

South Lancs Travel were founded in April 1998

Mike Terry

Mike forms part of the senior management team here at Adverta. He joined in 1998 as part of the sales team and was promoted in 2013 to Sales & Commercial Director.

First advert on Centrebus

We sold our first advert on to Centrebus Leicester bus fleet!

Lisa Ratcliffe

Lisa heads up the senior management team here at Adverta. She joined in 2004 as part of the finance department and became Managing Director in 2010.

Titan Bus

Titan Bus, who are part of Adverta's history, was formed as a company.

Nicky Dodd

Nicky forms part of the senior management team here at Adverta. She joined in 2008 as part of the finance department and, having been responsible for various roles along the way, is now Business Manager.


Ratcliffe Fernley Media Ltd was formed during a management buyout by Lisa Ratcliffe and the late Roger Fernley.

Steve Hall

Steve forms part of the senior management team here at Adverta. He joined in 2011 as part of the operations department and was promoted in 2012 to Operations Manager.

Becky Harding

Becky forms part of the senior management team here at Adverta. She joined in 2011 initially as Administration Assistant, before becoming Senior Campaign Delivery Manager. She became part of the management team in January 2015.

Adverta was Formed

Adverta became the trading name of Ratcliffe Fernley Media Ltd and the company re-branded with the help of a new design agency; Commence Marketing.

Adverta's New Office

Adverta purchased their own building to house their Nottingham office and Operations centre.

New Bus Companies

Adverta formed new business relationships; working with several new bus companies including Central Buses (West Midlands), Tates Travel (Barnsley) and Bakerbus (Staffordshire).

New Van Livery

Adverta unveiled their new van livery

New Website Launched

Adverta underwent a re-branding and re-design of the company website.

Adverta's New Head Office

Adverta purchased a new office in Ripon and re-located from nearby Harrogate.

New Vans Purchased

Adverta added two new company vans to their fleet throughout November and December; both having newly designed livery on them

New Bus Companies

Adverta formed new business relationships with Yourbus in Derbyshire and Scarlet Band in Durham

In-House Production

Adverta purchased design & print equipment and the trading name Graphic Evolution. Office space expanded and two employees, Richard and Jav, now work as Senior Designer and Production Manager for Adverta.

New Bus Companies

Adverta formed new business relationships with Select Bus in Staffordshire and Trusty Bus in Essex