Rear bus advertising

We thought this photograph of Vision Pharmacy in Leicester was one of the best photos we snapped during October as it shows the potential that Super Rear bus advertising can have. We’d all agree that traffic isn’t ideal when we’re trying to get somewhere quickly, but there’s no doubt that it is perfect when it’s YOUR advert on the back of the bus!

Super Rear bus panels are well-known for their extended time in traffic and this photo taken by our Account Manager, Mel, shows this off to absolute perfection. Anyone would have thought we’d tampered with the traffic lights just to get this shot!

Though the detail of this particular advert may not be clearly visible to the camera lense, you can be sure that the surrounding road users and pedestrians had a much better view of it. The motorists affected by the traffic may have been cursing but this is EXACTLY what we like to see – bus advertising doing its job of appealing to a broad audience with a high dwell time!

Vision Pharmacy has been established for over six years and is based in the Midlands. Whilst ensuring their practices are up to date with the latest technology and their teams are trained to the highest standards, they focus on providing a specialist and effective medicine service for their customers all over the UK. 

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Bus advertising in York has never looked better! This campaign won over the staff of Adverta for its striking and bold colour on board, so much so that it has won Campaign of the Month for November!

Christmas at York Museum Gardens is a brand new and exciting Christmas attraction, making this time of year even better for Yorkshire. 

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Effective Outdoor Advert

Advertising is the key to exposing your business – discover how to create an effective outdoor advert.

If you aren’t focusing on how to build your brand and increase awareness, then consumers won’t know that you exist. If you want to build a better outdoor advert, then here are a couple of tips to guide you. Read more »

Nottingham Bus Advertising

The winner of October’s Campaign of the Month was My Furniture with their stand-out bus advertising campaign. 

My Furniture is an affordable, luxury home furniture company who pride themselves in providing high quality, bespoke products, as well as excellent customer service, but without the excessive price tag.  Their aim to satisfy their customers with a personal approach no matter their budget is one key thing that makes My Furniture stand out from their competitors. 

Founded in 2009, My Furniture is proud to say that their own upholstery team are based in Long Eaton. Long Eaton is known as the epicentre of upholstering throughout the whole of the UK which makes this even more of a reason for them to shout about this! Catering to a wide variety of customers from people who are buying for their home, right through to a tradesperson buying a fleet of products, their showroom based in Sandiacre has an excellent team who will be happy to help you.

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Nottingham tram advertising

Following a successful two years of selling tram advertising in Nottingham, we are pleased to announce our retention of the Nottingham Tram advertising contract for a further two years.

Being awarded once again with the opportunity of being the sole supplier of advertising for Nottingham’s tram network is fantastic news for our team, as having the ability to reach Nottingham’s population of around 300,000 with over 16 million tram passenger journeys a year is a key selling point to local businesses. Read more »

Selective Advertising

Buses are a fantastic way to do selective advertising in a subliminal way. This campaign for Guide Tuition shows just this, targeting a student audience in the busy Nottingham city centre. It was, therefore, our obvious choice for September’s best photo campaign!

Guide Tuition offers English, Maths and Science tuition in Nottingham. Leon Hady, the founder at Guide Tuition, is former Head Teacher of an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ school and an advanced skills teacher of English. He also holds a BA, MA and Med. Read more »

Event Advertising

The campaign first over the checkered line this month was St Albans Motor Show with their bold and beautiful Streetliners bus adverts stealing the Campaign of the Month crown. Event advertising has never looked so good!

The St Albans Motor Show first started in March 2016 and received a fantastic response from the local community. With this in mind, St Albans BID organised another free street event this year, allowing all car enthusiasts, families and friends, the chance to have a fabulous day out. Read more »

Derbyshire Bus Advertising

This Derbyshire bus advertising campaign ticks all of the boxes for clear, bold advertising. We love it so much that it not only won last month’s Campaign of the Month (yes, we’re a little late with this write-up!) but it also swooped in to win this month’s Best Photo competition!

Ron Brooks is a family-run business that has been welcoming private and business customers for over 50 years. Their professional and personal approach towards every customer makes them one of the most successful and respected dealerships in the Midlands – their thousands of happy customers stand testament to that! Read more »

Nottingham tram advertising

Our winning Campaign of the Month for July was none other than Just Eat for their brightly coloured tram wrap in Nottingham. This is statement advertising at its best!

Brought to life in 2001 and surrounded by a world of celebrity chefs and television recipes, the founders of Just Eat decided that cooking should be left to the professionals. With this in mind, it seemed an obvious choice to make ordering take away easier – thus the birth of Just Eat (and where would we all be without it?!). Read more »

Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source: TGI). Not only that, bus advertising is a non-intrusive means of advertising, giving you maximum exposure within everyday life. What’s not to love?

This photo of Pircio shows this perfectly. Our Regional Account Manager, Peter, took this photo whilst he was out and about in Epping. Even whilst stationary at a bus stop, this bus is unmissable and, therefore, bus advertising is unmissable!  Read more »